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 Long Distance Moving.............Angelmove.com wants you to be careful about getting estimates or quotes because there is many interpretations for info call now 281-413-6683


Long Distance quotes can be measured in a few ways:

1. Weight

2. Cubic feet

3.Hourly with a trip charge...


LONG DISTANCE  >>>>Ok, well the weight is what you really want to do because the truck must be weighed empty and then full you should check fuel on board and equipment on board to be the same. This could be a differrence of 1000 lbs and @ .50 cents per lb or more than this would have been at least 500.00 dollars. It is recomended to weigh each items your self and then you will know the total weight...an estimator can estimate high or low . Each way will not be good for you if to low then he will charge more. If to heavy he should be honest about the differrence like we are.

The cubic feet is all about how much space on a truck. If the one loading is not experience then it will not save space or cubic ft. Please call 281-413-6683 and let me tell you what happens to let them charge you more.

The last way is rare but I have heard of this. What ever you do make sure it is in writing and with a not to exceed price if some one is really off on thier estimate.

Haver a great move and be safe about your estimates.  Thank you


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